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Isedio ARMOURJOINT-LITE is a leave-in-place formwork, load transfer and edge protection joint system designed for light duty industrial concrete floors that are trafficked by pneumatic wheeled equipment.

Product information:

Isedio ARMOURJOINT-LITE offers an element of protection from solid wheeled floor traffic when under low load and low traffic conditions, plus dowel plate load transfer, for concrete floor slabs seeing up to 10mm of joint opening.

ARMOURJOINT-LITE is more cost effective than a heavy duty joint system which may not be a necessity for all applications, and it can be supplied in galvanised or stainless steel.

ARMOURJOINT-LITE surpasses the requirements of TR34 4th Edition.

For heavier duty floor with frequent traffic and larger joint openings, find out more about our Isedio ARMOURJOINT or SHIELDJOINT products.

Information sheets: